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The Ulster Scots

From the first human settlements in Ireland over 9,000 years ago, to the present day, there has been steady migration between Scotland & Ulster (the northern province of the island of Ireland) by the indigenous peoples of these lands, which at the closest point are only 13 miles apart.


Scots were first officially recorded in Ulster from the 1400's with the Gallowglass; elite mercenary warriors who would provide their sevices to whomever could afford them... but the large scale migrations of Scots into Ulster didn't start until later. These began in the first decade of the 1600's with the Hamilton & Montgomery settlements, closely followed by the Plantation of Ulster. Another huge wave came in the 1690's from the Lowlands and in early 1800's more settlers came as a result of the Highland clearances.


The Scots who migrated to Ulster are generally referred to as 'Ulster-Scots', although in America they are known as 'Scots-Irish' or 'Scotch-Irish'. These terms commonly refer to those Scots who settled in Ulster from the Plantation era onward.


The Ulster-Scots were largely from the Lowlands & Borderlands of Scotland and were mainly Scots speaking in tongue... but there were also gaelic speaking settlers from the Highlands & west Lowlands. In all, they generally came from a background of subsistence tenant farming and they were mostly Presbyterian in faith. It can therfore be considered that anyone whose ancestors migrated from Scotland to Ulster from 1400 onward is of Ulster-Scottish descent.


Forgedinulster.com is an introduction to the history of Ulster-Scots people. I hope you will enjoy the info, videos, images & music. There are also links to many other Ulster-Scot / Scots-Irish resources for further reading & research.


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"I love Highlanders and I love Lowlanders, but when I come to that branch of our race that has been grafted on to the Ulster stem, I take off my hat in veneration and in awe."

Lord Rosebery, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, circa 1895.