Bill Monroe, the father of Bluegrass talks about Scotland & it's influence on his music.

The music goes full circle as Ulster Bluegrass group 'The Broken Strings Band' perform 'Old Joe Clark'.

Jean Ritchie & Mike Seeger perform 'Uncle Joe' with Aly Bain, an old tune brought to America from Scotland & Ulster.

Appalachian girl gives a Flatfoot dance performance while Old Tyme fiddler Tommy Jarrell plays.

Bob Spiers performs his musical adaption of W.F. Marshall's Scots-Irish poem 'Hi Uncle Sam'.

The Grousebeaters from Northern Ireland perform their song 'Tam M'Keen'.

Young Ulster piper  Bradley Parker performs  'The Blue Cloud & Andy Rennick's Ferret'.

The Ulster Scots Folk Orchestra perform a short jig.

Andy Carlisle & David Muldrew from Northern Ireland perform 'Fiddler's Rally' on Lowland pipes & guitar.



Ulster band Stonewall perform 'Boys O' Belfast' on tin whistle, accordion & drums.



Traditional instruments played by the Ulster-Scots include the bagpipes, accordion, fiddle, fife, hammered dulcimer and the lambeg drum. And for the Scotch-Irish in the America you can add the banjo, mandolin & mountain dulcimer to that list.


Few people know that the fiddle (or more technically the violin) and traditional reels were introduced into Ireland by Ulster-Scots. Within a few generations these Ulstermen took their fiddle music with them to the frontiers of America where in their main areas of settlement around the Appalachia it eventually evolved into Old-Time and Bluegrass styles.


Below, you will find a selection of tunes & videos from Scotland, Ireland &  the Appalachian region of the USA that were played by, sung by or influenced by the Scots-Irish....

Fred Morrison performs 'Hard Drive' on the Lowland pipes.

Stonewall perform 'The Mason's Apron' on fiddle, whistle, accordian, guitar & drum.

Scad The Beggars perform a traditional fife tune of fife, guitar & percussion dulcimer.

Rod Paterson sets a traditional Scots language Robert Burns poem to music.

Ulster-Scots pipe band Field Marshal Montgomery are ten times world champions. Here, they perform at the European championships in Belfast.

The 2nd South Carolina String Band play Dixie's Land.

'Bonnie Wood Green' tells the story of a Co. Antrim soldier going off to fight in WWI and leaving his true love behind. This version by the Ulster Scots Folk Orchestra.

'I'll Fly Away' is a southern gospel song very popular with the Scots-Irish and is sung here by Scots-Irish legend Johnny Cash.